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If you are a small business owner, investing in a MicroServer is a key step in gaining a competitive advantage. MicroServers have continued to gain popularity as they provide convenient network storage, and data sharing efficiency. If you are looking for an affordable entry-level business server, HPE Proliant MicroServer Gen10 is the best solution currently in the market.

Apart from storage and network resources, it's enriched with a wide range of business applications which include but not limited to:

  1. User-friendly Web-based GUI
  2. Application Marketplace (Over 100 Apps)
  3. Edge to Cloud (Simplified access to cloud services)
  4. iLO AlertMail
  5. Visualization for Decision-making

The 5 Best MicroServers Worth Buying

Here are some of the top best HPE Proliant MicroServers that are designed for small businesses:

  1. Xeon 2.3GHz
  2. 1.6GHz
  3. 3.8GHz
  4. 1.6GHz

Benefits of HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen10

1. Provides maximum reliability:

The mini server is compatible with Windows 2010 server, runs on a superior Intel Xeon processor, and powered by a non-redundant power supply.

Because of its superior Xeon e-2224 processor, it's highly reliable and one of the most high-performance standard enterprise servers in the market.

2. Central Data Storage and Data Sharing Capability

Since it comes with a 4-bay form factor (LFF) and a pluggable drive bay, storage expansion is very easy. Further, the server comes with a modern USB 3.2 port for high-speed data transfer.

3. MicroServer Remote Management Capability:

It boasts of ILO Enablement Kit that when installed, allows for remote management. This also allows for network data sharing with reduced support costs.

4. The MicroServer is Compact, Secure, and Easy to Scale Up

Due to its compact design, power consumption is very low. It does not incur any installation or cooling costs. This makes it cost-effective to deploy in any area.

The mini server's drive bays are lockable for maximum data protection. Its innovative inbuilt security guarantees protection since data can be recovered after firmware attacks.

5. Easy Central Network PCs Management

MicroServer allows for easier management of Networked PCs, and therefore, helps companies to improve on employees' work efficiency.

6. Efficient Network Connections.

It's equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, Broadcom controller, and 3 Data Link Protocols. It's therefore well equipped for efficient network communication.

7. Easy Online Data Backup and Cloud Service Benefits

Since this micro tower server has an online backup feature, securing your business data is much easier. Further, the server allows you to enjoy cloud computing services including remote data access.

8. Enhanced Hard Drive Data Protection

Because the server supports Hard Drive RAID creation, it helps in enhancing business data protection.

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HPE 783958-S01 Xeon 2.3GHz Server Micro Server
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783958-S01 HPE Proliant Micro Server Gen8 Xeon 2.3GHz 4GB DDR3 Server | Refurbished | Call

HPE 878488-S01 Opteron 2.1GHz Server Micro Server
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878488-S01 HPE Proliant Micro Tower Server Gen10 Smart Buy-1X AMD Opteron Quad-Core X3421 / 2.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 4TB HDD, 2 X Gigabit Ethernet. Refurbished.

P04923-S01 HP Opteron 2.1GHz Server
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P04923-S01 Proliant MicroServer Gen10 X3421 8 Gigabytes (GB) DDR4 SDRAM Gigabit Ethernet Ultra System Server | Made by HP | Refurbished

HPE P16005-001 3.8GHz Server Micro Server
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P16005-001 HPE Proliant Gen10 Plus Ultra Micro Tower Server 1 X Pentium Gold G5420 8GB RAM Gigabit Ethernet 4 X Lff Bay 1 X 180w Ps | Refurbished

HPE P16006-001 Xeon 3.40 GHz Server Micro Server
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P16006-001 HPE Proliant Gen10 Plus Ultra Micro Tower Server 1 X Xeon E-2224 16GB RAM Gigabit Ethernet 4 X Lff Bay 1 X 180w Ps. Refurbished.

HPE P18584-001 16GB Xeon3.4GHz,Server.
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P18584-001 HPE 16GB Proliant Gen10 1x Xeon E-2224 3.4GHz,Server. Refurbished.

HPE P54644-001 Pentium Gold 2-core Server
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P54644-001 HPE Microserver Gen10 Intel Pentium Gold 2-core 4.1 GHz Server | New Cto with Standard Mfg Warranty

HPE P54649-001 Intel Xeon 4-core Server
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P54649-001 ​HPE Microserver 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon 4-core Gen10 Server | New Cto with Standard Mfg Warranty

P54654-001 HPE Microserver Server
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P54654-001 ​HPE Intel Xeon 4-core 2.8 GHz Microserver Gen10 Server | New Cto with Standard Mfg Warranty