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Server - ProLiant DL380E

HPE announced the DL380E Gen8 server with plenty of new attributes which work simply as a mobile application. This DL380E is powered by remote management by iLO 4.0 and controls the tasks using sensors. This stack of 3D sensors not only manages the whole ProLiant server but cools down the inner temperature for proficient working. The efficiency value is close to 95%, which is far better than the previous generations. Here's more you need to know about this DL380E Gen8!

35% Increase in the Performance:

Intel's C600 chipset performs exceptionally well in this HP ProLiant DL380E gen8 server, raising the value by 35%. It can support up to two series of processors, including Intel's E5-2400 and E5-2400 V2. Apart from the Xeon's processors, this HPE's rack server is equipped with the advanced CPU Smart Socket Guide, which cools down the temperature and, in turn, reduces the handling time. This feature will save your ProLiant DL380E from any potential damage as well.

Supports Up to 12 DDR3 Memory:

Two-processor configurations work pretty well when it comes to the rack servers. Therefore, DL380E can support up to 12 DDR3 memory modules providing an overall 384GB of memory capacity. Also, there is no limit as this ProLiant server can support UDIMM, RDIMM, and LRDIMM memory modules, giving an overall 16% increase in the output while less power consumption at the same time. Advanced memory error detection feature is integrated this time in the ProLiant DL380E which will surely save you from any mishap.

Point to Point Backplane:

Multiple storage options back up HPE's ProLiant DL380E as it can support the 8 SFF, 8 LFF, 12LFF, and 25SFF and SAS SATA hot-plug drive bays. 12 LFF configuration is proving its worth in this ProLiant server as it can provide the maximum storage capacity of 56TB. Not only this, but the drives are protected via the SmartDrive's option, which will save the data loss and any human error potentially done.

Easy to Upgrade the System:

Multiple expansion slots are available which can support the upgradability and expansion of the system with hassle-free access. Four PCIe expansion slots are available with a single processor, while the number can rise to six with a secondary riser on board. Choose from our collection at ALLHDD: Xeon, Xeon 1.8GHz, Xeon 1.90GHz, Xeon 2.20GHz, and Xeon 2.5GHz.

HPE's iLO 4.0 Management System:

Management software is a must-have part of any rack server, which will automatically guide you of the implications of any error and its solution. Thus, this ProLiant DL380E Gen8 is backed up by HPE's iLO 4.0 management engine, where the tools are easy to access. Also, the administrator can upgrade the management tools with a security license key for having advanced access to the functionalities.

Why buy from ALLHDD?

ALLHDD brings you premium quality server and networking hardware that will be a plus to speed and performance. In this regard, our experts have come up with HP ProLiant DL380E this time which has dynamic computing abilities.
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