Server - System X3650 M4

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Server - System X3650 M4

The System X3650 M4 provides a flexible, scalable, and easily upgradable server solution needed by power-hungry applications. With large drive bays to hold up to 26 2.5" hard drives or SSDs, 6 PCI express 3.0 slots, and high-performing DDR3 DIMM memories, you can make X3650 M4 suitable for any business. The processor is an Intel Xeon series that is upgradable up to 10 cores. It is, no doubt, the working horse you are looking for.

High Scalability and Interconnectivity

With these servers, you get large disk drive bays to hold up to 16 storage devices, 6 free PCIe 3.0 expansion slots, and USB ports to add more peripherals as the applications need to grow. The Lenovo System X3650 M4 also has an onboard Ethernet solution consisting of 4 GB Ethernet ports and additional two 10 GB Ethernet ports that do not sit on your valuable PCI express slots. It assures you of the scalability of the performance and interconnectivity to form a robust IT system.

Fully Optimized for Memory and Graphic Hungry Applications

X3650 M4 supports different RAID adapter configurations. With support for up to 2 10 core Intel Xeon processors, you get the computing power for mission-critical loads. How many DIMM slots do you think this IBM System X3650 M4 has? Up to 24 DIMM slots, distributed as RDIMM, UDIMM, and LRDIMM, make it possible to install up to 768GB of memory.

Despite the slim 2U form factor, there are enough drive bays to hold up to 26 hot-swap SAS SATA 2.5" HDD or SSD. You can also configure it to have 16 2.5" hot-swap HDD or SSD and fill the drive bays with 1.8" hot-swap SSDs. With the RAID adapters, you get the bandwidth that you need for even the most memory-intensive applications.

Outstanding Uptime and Low Energy Consumption

Every minute lost when your server is offline can result in millions of losses. Your server should have as maximum uptime as possible regardless of the prevailing circumstances. That only System X3650 M4 servers can deliver that. It is a breeze replacing the failed components without putting your IT System offline because of many redundant hot-swap components. The hot-swap RAID protection disks, fans, and energy-efficient power supplies, all ensure your server is scalable and reliable. The Predictive Failure Analysis provides warning signals for predicted component failure.

Buying the System X3650 M4 and Warranties

You get a 3-year warranty on any IBM Systems. However, that may not always be the case if you don't get genuine products from a reliable supplier. ALLHDD stocks quality IBM System X3650 M4 servers with a valid manufacturer's warranty and we deliver on time. Whether you need in bulk or just a single unit to upgrade your business, ALLHDD will deliver to your doorstep or business premise.

Contact us or send us an inquiry if you need more information about the product. Our customer support team is ready to respond to you and solve all your problems. With our products, quality is a guarantee.

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