Server - ProLiant WS460C

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Server - ProLiant WS460C

HP ProLiant WS460C server blade offers great performance while maximizing power efficiency and flexibility. It is a long-lasting solution that allows for server expansion at low costs. The workstation blade centralizes data in a data management center for security and better monitoring. Coming in half-height, WS460C g6 can be stacked in Hp c3000 or c7000 enclosures for better resource sharing. A single enclosure can have graphics server blades, storage blades, fans, power supplies, onboard administrator modules, and many other sharable resources.

Meeting the Users Performance Demand

WS460C g6 has a high performance to meet the demand of data-intensive applications. You can install up to two Intel Xeon processors and the best graphic cards in the HP ProLiant WS460 workstation blades. That is to meet the specific needs of your business. With support for up to 48GB of UDIMM or 192GB of RDIMM memories, the performance of this server blade is definitely unquestionable. It is recommended for all graphic acceleration applications for workstation-class users.

Greater Productivity and Flexibility

WS460C g6 paves the way for a new model in business as this graphics server blade allows for remote access to the workstation. You don't need to be physically in the server room. That is made possible through a network of iLO management. You can choose HP WS460C today to enjoy the high flexibility and high configuration of the shared resources, availing both memory and processor to the demanding applications.

Improving Data Center Security and Better Data Control

Most data breaches occur when data is in transit or is transferred to another device with less aggressive security features. You can prevent that to avoid any accidental exposure of your confidential data. HP ProLiant WS460C g6 workstation blade ensures that data is always at the data center and only allows for remote access by authorized devices. You can also have better control over the entire workstation environment by preventing unauthorized software from running on the server.

Reducing Business Downtime

With HP ProLiant WS460C, you can configure redundant resources such as power supplies, fans, onboard administrator management units, and many others. Choose the right product to prepare in advance for power loss and other disasters that can bring your data center down.

HP is a reputable company with a rich history in success regarding innovation of IT and Computer hardware. With their consistency in the industry, you can trust the quality of their products. ALLHDD puts you a step closer to buying HP ProLiant WS460C server blades to reinvent your IT systems. Contact us for more information about any products and order details.

HP 594935-B21 Xeon Server ProLiant WS460C

594935-B21 HP Proliant Ws460c G6 CTO Graphics Expansion Blade With No CPU No RAM 2x10 Gigabit Ethernet 2 Way Blade WorkstATIon. Refurbished.

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