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Data storage and management is usually a problem for IT professionals and data centers offering such services. There is a sudden change in technology that demands better performance and more file storage capacity. Such applications as virtualization and artificial intelligence are resource-intensive. The only solution to this anticipated problem is reliable yet scalable servers offered by HP Proliant DL60.

Xeon HP DL60 Addresses Data Storage Needs for Startups

Any startup needs a reliable and yet cost-effective server to meet the data storage and processing requirements. You can choose either the Xeon 1.6GHz or Xeon 1.70GHz variant of HP Proliant DL60 servers for the purpose. They are designed to offer the best performance and easy to set up at pocket-friendly costs. It features an Intel Xeon processor, 8 DIMM slots for DDR4 memory. All these are to meet the performance requirements of small-to-medium businesses.

Compact yet Robust to Handle Heavy Workloads

You can still stay competitive with Xeon DL60 to handle workloads requiring high computing power while taking small space in the server racks. With this Proliant DL60 server, it is easy to design database nodes that support data-centric messaging and collaboration while meeting all the cloud computing requirements.

Data Storage and Efficient Power Management

The server comes in a 1U form factor with support for up to 4 LFF HPE SmartDrives. Its support for two Intel Xeon processors and DDR4 SmartMemory gives it the computing power your business requires. That is not all! The hp DL60 also has redundant power supplies and many other power management features to reduce electricity consumption and the overall cost of running the server. Less power consumption means less server cooling expenses.

Meeting the Future Needs of Your Business

Businesses grow with proper management. When that happens, and you need a higher data storage capacity and better performance, you won't have to take your HP Proliant DL60 to the archives. It features up to 3 PCIe 3.0 expansion slots and other additional interfaces for scalability. Your needs are always taken care of, not unless your data center turns into a monster that needs an overhaul.

Buy Xeon Servers for Your Small-to-Medium Business

You, undoubtedly, need a reliable server whose computing power exceeds your workload demands. That is where we come in as the leading supplier of quality computer hardware. At ALLHDD, you will find any Intel Xeon DL60 server.

Our sales team is ready to process your order and deliver products you can trust to your doorstep. You are guaranteed genuine products that will live up to their name and performance expectations.

HPE 777394-B21 Proliant Dl60 XEON 1.6GHz Server.

777394-B21 HPE Proliant Dl60 G9 XEON 6Core E5-2603V3/1.6GHz,4GB DDR4,Server. Refurbished.

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HPE 777403-B21 Xeon Server ProLiant DL60

777403-B21 HPE Proliant DL60 G9 CTO Model Intel Xeon E5-V3 With No CPU, NO RAM, Smart Array B140i Without FBWC, 1GB 2Port 361I Ethernet Adapter, 4lff more

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HPE 777404-B21 Xeon Server ProLiant DL60

777404-B21 HPE Proliant Dl60 G9 Cto Model (Lff) Intel Xeon E5 V3 With No CPU, No Ram, Smart Array B140i Without Fbwc, 1GB 2port 361i Ethernet Adapter, more

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HPE 830012-B21 Xeon 1.70GHz Server ProLiant DL60

830012-B21 HPE ProLiant DL60 Gen9 E5-2603v4 8GB-R B140i 4LFF. Refurbished.

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HPE 785836-B21 Proliant Dl60 XEON 1.9GHz Server.

HPE 785836-B21 Proliant Dl60 XEON 6-Core E5-2609V3/1.9GHz,8GB DDR4,Server. Refurbished.

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