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Server – Xseries

With a compact 2U form factor chassis, the rack-optimized eServer Xseries takes less space on your server racks. Its small size should not be mistaken for its performance. Despite the slim nature of this server, it has high computing power and scalable memory capacity. You need all these for your growing business. It is designed for compute-intensive and server-based applications that you need to grow your e-business.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Your e-business should be online at all times to build your reputation and meet customer expectations. You can achieve that by shopping for eServer Xseries at ALLHDD. The IBM eServer Xseries is known for its high availability, manageability, and serviceability. It has all the features needed to make servicing and management effortless. As the server manager, you don't have to be on-site as a remote control is possible. You can use the same tools to quickly diagnose any problems that are likely to bring the server down and act before it is too late.

High Processing Power and Memory Capacity

The two resources that e-business applications need are data processing power and data storage space. IBM eServer offers both resources to keep your business on the go. The good thing about eServer Xseries is that all these resources are highly scalable as your business grows. You will not be required to buy a new eServer but just the peripherals needed to realize the scalability. What is expected of you is memory devices and processing unit additions to the available slots and ports.

Benefit from the Computing Power of IBM eServer

Be part of the transformation and stay ahead of your competitors with a high-performing eServer Xseries for your business. Featuring Intel Xeon Processors, 1GB RAM, and peripheral interface, eServer is your answer. Buy your server from ALLHDD at the best price and enjoy high-speed performance, scalability, and manageability. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the product and our shipping services.